Sunday, August 29, 2010


We've been hermits this weekend. Not exactly too sure why, but neither Jake or I had any energy to leave the house Friday OR Saturday.

I guess after two days of doing absolutely nothing, I finally got a kick in the butt this morning & cleaned the whole apartment (besides our bedroom..I'm still working on that) and got almost ALL of my laundry done..I still have about 3 more loads but woo hoo...I've finally made a dent on my closet floor ;) Trust me, I will never let my laundry pile up this long ever again! I did a lot of Abby's laundry too & realized that almost half of her wardrobe no longer fits. You know what that means! Baby clothes shopping spree for mama! Wooo!

Our shower broke today! The water was FREEZING cold, no hot water what so ever. So Abs had to get her morning bath in the sink, and I was in the process of boiling water to wash my hair with when Jake came to the rescue & fixed the problem. Yay for handy boyfriends!

Us couch potatoes finally decided to get out of the house & go get some ice cream from Friendly's. It was delish! I got a resse pecies sundae & Jake got a resse peanut butter cup sundae..mine was better :P We went to Lake Waterford after Ice Cream and walked around the lake & Abby swung on the swings :) It was a good day & I love my two little love bugs!

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On another note: I just applied for a new job :/ It's not that I don't like where I work now..because I totally do & it's super cool being a Johns Hopkins employee. But it's so far away! I hate driving all the way into the city, and the way I take, I have to go through the Harbor tunnel..which is a toll lane & those $2 fees add up very quickly! & You have to pay for parking at Hopkins..which is $60 a month out of my pocket, which I think is ridiculous. I don't make great money there as it is and between the fee's and gas I spend driving there..I'm pretty broke. So my friend works at Nighttime Pediatrics, and said that she talked to her boss about me & that they really needed techs. They start out their pay much higher than what I make now & it's right down the street. The only downfall is they work 8 hour shifts, which means I would be back to work 5 days a week again. But I still think it would equal out. I'd split up my hours so that some days I'd work 7am-3pm..and then have all evening with her & then the other days I'd work 3pm-11pm..that way I'd have the mornings with her on those days and Jake would be home to watch her. I think it might work out if I actually get the job. I'm really nervous about the whole thing, but we'll see how it goes :/



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