Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 Faves

I saw this on Amanda's blog. Thought it seemed interesting, so I wanted in on the fun! :D

1. Food

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Chicken Gyros. Freaking amazing. Last week sometime my co-workers and I ordered out from this little place and I have been obsessed ever since. They are delicious! If any of you are ever in good ol' Dundalk, Maryland..make sure you stop by this little carry out shop. It make look like your average pizza joint, but looks are deceiving :)

2. Fashion

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The leather jacket that I'm wearing in the photo above. I snatched it at Papaya for $25 and it was one of the greatest investments I've gotten in quite awhile! I feel like it goes with every shirt I own. It instantly dresses up a simple outfit. I am OBSESSED! You will be seeing plenty more of that bad boy in the winter months to come!

3. Beauty

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Victoria's Secret bronzer. I went shopping for a new bronzer/blush a few months back, with me loosing my great summer tan and all. I wanted something that still added some color to my face, but matched better with a winter tone. This was perfect! It still adds a little glow on my cheeks, but without making me look orange. I love it. I would highly recommended it to my other pale skinned friends out there!

4. Home

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My Christmas decorations. Call me cliche all you'd like. You know me and my holidays, and the fact that it looks like Santa pretty much threw up all over my apartment makes me happier than you could ever imagine. And no, that picture is not from our apartment. *Sigh* Someday I will have a fire place to hang stocking from.

5. Technology

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Pandora. This website was introduced to me a couple years back by an old friend, and I always liked it..but never really started using it on a regular basis until recently. My laptop is always open with it playing. This is how it works - You basically make an account, and then make one (or two, or fifty) stations consisting of your favorite artist or song. Say your in a Lady Gaga kind of mood, you'd click "create new station" and type in "Lady Gaga" or "Bad Romance" and it will play all songs similar to her kind of music, and some of her songs too. Its awesome! One of the greatest inventions ever. Thats a snip it of my own Pandora. My stations currently consist of: Shimmer - Fuel radio, Joshua Radin radio, Wheels on the Bus radio, Billy Currington radio, Lady Gaga radio, Taylor Swift radio, Jason Aldean radio, and Matchbox Twenty radio. Matchbox 20 probably being my favorite and most played. Go check it out!!

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