Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day

We woke up to gray skies this morning. Gray skies, chilly feet, and a little girl with a stuffy nose.

A case of the stuffies has hit us. The scratchy voice, the red nose, the watery eyes..Abby had it all when she started her day today. I squirted saline and squeegeed her nose, and was pretty much high off of baby Vicks fumes when I realized that we were out of milk. Great.

I had a sick little girl, and it looked like the skies were going to open up and smoother us with that fluffy white stuff any second. Considering that friends in the next town over were already talking about the snow starting, I was pretty positive I was correct about it hitting us any second.

I wiped a bit of concealer under my eyes to hide the over night make up smears and pulled my hair back into a messy ponytail. Threw on some yoga pants and tennis shoes..gloves and a fleece. I looked like a true soccer mama, let me tell you. I bundled Abby in a fleece snow suit under her winter coat and down the steps and out to the car we went.

I pulled into the Wal*Mart parking lot and turned around as quickly as I got there. Despite it only being 10:30am on a Thursday and the fact that it was supposed to start snowing its @ss off any was a mad house, and I could tell just by pulling into the parking lot. Shoppers lined up at the doors, with their carts and angry stopped in every lane waiting for parking spots. No thank you! We turned around and headed straight down the road to Target. Much better idea.

We hadn't even gotten 5 minutes down the road from Wal*Mart when the snow had started. I speed walked into the store, attempting to keep Abby out of the cold as much as possible. We shook the snow off when we got inside, and she gave me that goober smile. Melt. I love her. She was sick, she was sleepy, and she was out in the cold which I'm sure did not feel good on her raw little nose..but she was still smiling. Why can't I be more like her?

After picking up some milk at Target and a snow suit for Abby (in hopes that the snow will still be here in a few days when her cold is better and we can go out and play!) we headed back home.

Since we were stuck in the house all day - I had this bright idea to make Christmas crafts with finger paint.


Despite that making crafts involving paint with a 14 month old was NOT an easy task, and that her and I both were covered in green and red paint when it was all done and both requiring a shower was worth it. What I made for her scrapbook was TOO cute and totally worth every drop of paint that covered my kitchen floor, walls, table, high chair, and everything else this afternoon :D


I also attempted to give her a baby pedicure while we were snowed in as well, but that turned out even worse. Hello red nail polish, all over my babies toes and bathroom. Hehe, we had a fun day. Sick and all :)

What our outside looks like right now:


I am loving it. The snow reminds me of my Grandma. She always said how much she loved the snow, no matter what. I always thought it was so cool when I was little, that she was a grown up and wasn't complaining about the snow - because lord knows she was the only one! She would get so excited every time she saw one single snow flake. One weekend at her house when I was a little girl, it was midnight. Her and I were up watching a movie on the sofa bed, I glanced over at the window and I said "Meme, I know you think its raining out..but its snowing" she jumped up and said "Oh my god Brittany! It is! Get your hat and gloves on!" and outside we went. At midnight. My Grandfather has it on video. Oh how I love her and the memories I have with her as a kid. I am SO lucky that Abby has her around too!

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