Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hump Day

Today, I am surprised that I have one single strand of hair still attached to my head.
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Yes, it was one of those days.

I found out last night that my nursing license had expired without me knowing it. Which means, in order for me to work my scheduled shift on Wednesday, I had to go up to the board of nursing today and renew my license. No biggie, right?

Wrong! First of all, the Maryland board of nursing is the DMV of the nursing world. Their impossible to get in touch with, they will leave you on hold for hours, they do not want to help you, they steal money from you every two years for pointless causes, pretty much..the less I have to deal with them, the better.

Obviously I wasn't thrilled about my little trip I had to take, but didn't think it would be too horrible since I just needed to sign and paper and I thought.

Things went smoothly on the way there, I didn't get lost, and made it there in about 30 minutes, which is good time. I should of known it would be impossible for things to stay on a smooth track. Stress loves me. Adores me, actually. It follows me every where I go.

The front desk lady informs me when I'm called up (she made me pull a number, and sit down - when I was the only person in the room) through her little glass window - "This is all I can give you today" stamps a paper and slides it to me. "Your license is expired. I need proof that your still currently working as a health care provider. Have a nice day" I glance over the paper and read some mumbo jumbo about a list of things I need to get from my supervisor. Is there any way I can get my boss to fax these things over? I have to work tomorrow, this needs to be done today, I ask. "Nope. Have a nice day" FUCK YOU LADY!!! Just kidding, I didn't say that. But I wanted to.

I bundle Abby back up and struggle back to my car with her half way hanging off my hip and trying to tame my stack of papers flapping in the wind and get back on the road - hoping I could make it to my job and back by the time the board closed.

I was in an unfamiliar area, so I GPS'd how to get to work. When I put in my location as "Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center" a little message popped up that said "This route contains toll rates. Avoid toll lanes?" I meant to click no, but I must have hit yes by accident.

I spent the next hour fearing for my life. Like, legit..fearing for my life!! My GPS took me through the most ghetto parts of Baltimore EVER. I thought I had seen the ghetto before. Hell NO I hadn't. It was SO scary. Traffic was CRAZY and I had no idea where I was. People were staring in my car from all directions and I know they had to be thinking this white girl is lost!

After passing streets and streets of the block cameras (thats always how I know when I'm in a bad area in Baltimore - they have the blue flashing cop cameras on every block!) I finally started to recognize my surroundings. Literally on the verge of tears, I finally made it onto campus.

I hustle and bustle into my managers office, all out of breath and stressed looking. Brittany! Whats wrong?! You look exhausted! Is this your daughter? OMG! Hi sweetie! Do you want to stay here with us!? of my supervisors started saying to Abby and I. Christmas music was playing, food and decorations were every where..oh yeah, today is the Christmas party. so much for that. I explained to her my situation and she agreed with me that the board of nursing is full of assholes but gave me what I needed and I headed back out the door.

Poor Abby was probably so bored and so sick of being in the car all day..but she did so good. God love her.

By the time I got back to my car, got Abby strapped in, it was 4:15. I had 45 minutes to make it back to the board before they closed. I took a deep breath, a huge and giant gulp of my coffee..and punched "The Maryland Board of Nursing" back into my GPS. Here we go again.

I wanted to cry when it started taking me back through the ghetto. I knew there was a quicker and safer way to get there - I just didn't know how, and neither did my tom,tom apparently. After sitting through two 10 minute red lights, and getting the shakes all over again..I turned around. This isn't worth it. Literally, driving through the city with one of the highest murder rates in the US, at dusk, by myself, with a baby, no idea where I'm going, and in the worst parts of the city? No thank you. Its really, really not worth it.

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Your pretty Baltimore. But you're scary. my house, whats a bad day without a little this?

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Nothing like belly laughs in the morning from a baby girl you simply adore.

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Nothing quite like a silly girl trying to play hide & go seek behind her crib with her Mama.

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Absolutely nothing like a morning steamy bath with my little girl.

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Nothing in the whole entire world like a mini me ;)

My point? Even the worst and most stressful days are the best days with her ♥

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We stopped by my Aunt's to visit on the way home from our fiasco just because it was on the way. She was coaching her boys through homework, I cleaned up dog pee, dinner was burning in the oven..but, that is life :p

Tomorrow morning I am waking up two hours before scheduled to drop Abby off with my Grandma, drive back to the board of nursing, and then drive to work. All before 9 in the morning.

And its all a-okay. Theres always a smile and bright colors underlying a frown, anyways ;)

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Happy Hump day!

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