Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bumpers and bad days

Well, I have to say..the past two days have not been my best. Considering that I've worked 40 hours in the past three days, I'm pretty exhausted..emotionally and physically. The fact that my car is now past ghetto and reached its limits of FAR beyond embarrassing is...enough to laugh at now. Does that even make sense? Probably not.

I was rushing to work yesterday morning...annoyed with my mom, and already in a bad mood when I herd this weird sound. I turned down the radio and thought hmm, that sounds weird. must be the wind. Ten minutes later I pull up at a toll booth and the woman asks "did you get into an accident?" and I was like "no? why?" she says "uhh, your bumper is on the ground" womp womp womp. "You should probably pull over, do you need help?"..she continues. I look over the front of my car trying to see what the hell happened, well I really can't, I really need to get to work, I only work 5 minutes away. Off I went, only with my windows down this time. OMG was it loud. SO loud. SO embarrassing. I could smell the burning rubber smell of the bumper rubbing against my tires. Some how I made it work (with huge stares from every by passer, may I add) and whipped into the garage and parked. Got out, looked at my car..and couldn't help but laugh at myself. My bumper was pretty much underneath of my car. I must have looked like such an idiot, driving 80 mph down i97, weaving in and out of traffic..with my bumper half way hanging off, and me not even having the slightest clue. People must have thought I was insane.

Jake and Chance came up to work later and declared death on my lovely red, and beat up bumper. They pulled her off by her last dangling strands and dumped her in Jake's pick up truck. So now, as if my old cavalier wasn't ghetto enough..I now have to drive around without a bumper until after the holidays are over. Today was my first day driving it that way. Pretty humiliating I must say..but humerus as well.

So..after spending Monday dropping Abby off at daycare (hate doing that, only do when my Grandma or Mom can't, which is rarely) and then working 12 hours in the progressive care unit with extremely sick patients, then falling asleep when I got home while attempting to watch a movie I've been craving to watch for months..then enjoying my Tuesday with a broken bumper and a one to one with an old man who was confused, and then falling asleep AGAIN when I got home..literally as Jake was speaking to me, my eyes were shutting. THEN spending 14 hours today in a CRAZY recovery room with 24 patients that needed to go to the inpatient surgical floor, when the inpatient surgical floor had one bed available for us, and just now getting home to a baby still awake in bed with her Daddy...finally getting her back to sleep and then soaking in a hot bath and now here?

I still feel like I have 1000 things to catch up on. Even though I don't. My co-worker (Bola) and I discussed this in the elevator today. Us nurses and techs have a hard time resting and sleeping. We are at work so much, and so used to running and having a million things to do..that we don't ever just chill. We don't know how to chill. We don't know how to drive without rushing. We can't sit still without feeling like we have to get up and do something. We don't sleep well. & We can't finish a meal without jabbing it down our throats a million mph. It is NOT good. I always just thought I was this way, but then Bola said she was the same..and pointed out that most patient care health care providers are the same way.

*Sigh* I am going to bed. Sorry for the chopping and blank post. I know you all are probably all like, what was the point of this? Honestly? I really don't know.


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  1. I feel like this post needs a ((( BIG HUG )))



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