Thursday, December 2, 2010


Our lease at our current apartment will be up in March. March seems far away, but it really is not. Its already right around the corner. December will fly by with Christmas, then we just have to get through January and February, then the first spring month will be hitting us. Meaning that Jake and I have been thinking/talking a lot about living situations lately. Its exciting! We don't want to stay here, so we will definitely be moving some place new. We are very much hoping to buy if we can find something decent in our price range. Ideally, we'd find a cute little house in our hometown and move back down closer to family and friends. Not that we're super far away or anything, but going from walking distance to a 10-15 minute drive seems like a pretty significant distance.

Realistically? We still have no idea where the hell we are headed, lol. Pasadena (our hometown) is so expensive, and anything in our price range for the most part is pretty much crap.

We have talked about moving out of state lots of times. West Virginia or Pennsylvania would be our choices if we were to do so. In either of those states, we could get a cute and nice house with a little bit of land, with a mortgage less than our rent is in Maryland in a two bedroom apartment. The downside is the distance. Neither states are more than an hour away, and are actually closer to Jake's work. But, we would have to put Abby in daycare and I would probably have to find work out that way which I really wouldn't want to do. Moving out of state is probably a no go. Its fun to think about, though.

We would love to move to the eastern shore of Maryland. My Dad's side of the family lives out that way, and it's an absolute adorable beach town. Southern and relaxing. Its cheaper, but I have herd that its close to impossible to find a house in that area, since its SO small and everyone wants to live there. Its also over the bay bridge, which costs a toll to get through. Which I think would be a pain in the ass considering we'd probably have to cross it every day.

I tried to convince Jake to look into Middle River, Maryland with me. Its the nicer part of Baltimore County, and that's where my friend Nicole lives. They have a ton of nice town homes that are cheap, and that we could afford to buy. The school systems over that way are horrible, but it would only be a temporary thing until Jake finishes school, which will be long before Abby starts Kindergarten. However, Jake is determined to stay away from the city completely. He is not a city boy at all. Which is understandable, but I don't think its that bad. I wouldn't ever want to raise a family there, but while were young and just starting out..who cares! Plus it is SUPER close to my work and not far from his either. I think I still might have some convincing to do!

& The last place we have seriously considered, is Carroll County. Its about 40 minutes from where we live now, close to Jake's work, and not unbearably far from mine, and not far from family at all. Jake's Dad lives there, and its where Jake grew up. Its nice, its country..and its probably the most realistic option for us as far as I can see (for now). We both have always loved it there, it has great school systems, and is a good place to raise a family. Its at the higher end of our price range, but we can still afford it.

Who the heck knows where we will end up. But, its stressing me out! Its gonna be here before I blink and we have no idea what we are going to do yet. I guess after Christmas is over we need to really start looking.

Right is 3pm and I have lots to get done before 8pm when Jake gets home from school. It is his Birthday and I am SO excited to celebrate it with him! I will be back with a new post about that later I'm sure! Happy Birthday Jake..I love you!

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