Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheers to the weekend

I am currently... completely relaxed.

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Just spent the past hour or two sipping sangria out of cute holiday glasses with Jackie. Jake joined us, we ordered chinese food and watched a mixture of Roseanne, Booty Call, and Fred Claus. Abby was sound asleep in the next room.

Completely and totally relaxing. Just what I needed to wind down with after two very long days at work.

Speaking of being at work, I was more bummed than usual about being there today. Mother nature decided to lay her first little dusting of snow on us this afternoon.

Not only do I love the snow, but I was so excited that to introduce it to Abby this year. Of course she got to witness our giant blizzard of last winter..but, all things considered - she was only 4 months old. She didn't get it. Now? She would be intrigued. We could play in it. Oh well, her great grandma got to show her the flurries this time. Mama will be there for the snow fall round two of 2010..or 2011, depending on when it decides to arrive next. Guess we better go get my little some snow boots soon!

In other random news, I have spent the last 10 hours bidding on a camera I want on ebay. I have been winning majority of the day - just to find out that during the last hour some jerk is going to come and outbid me for every dollar that I increase my bid too. Didn't plan on going higher than $300, and we're currently battling it out at $295 :(

Eyes are throbbing, muscles are sore, and I have a lovely boyfriend and baby girl sleeping down the hall..I am just about to ready to join them.

Nicole and I are headed out early with the babies in the morning to get some Christmas shopping done. Wish us luck!

Happy Friday.

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