Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas eve's, eve


Eyes are burning. Room is dark. Early and long day ahead of me. I am sleepy.

I was just curled up in my warm bed, under my mint green comforter, all snuggled up watching Walk the Line. Jake was snoring next to me, and my eyes were starting to slowly close.

But then I said to myself. I have to get up. I have to get up and go write a blog post. Because I want to remember every single little detail about this Christmas.

So, here I am. & Its Christmas Eve's, eve.

It feels like Christmas. Some years it doesn't, some years your rushed and its August..and then you wake up the next day and its Christmas. It still feels like it came quickly..but it just feels right. I don't know how to explain it.

Its the little things. Frosty the snowman playing at the gas station this morning while I was pumping my gas, my scarf tied tight around my neck and my royal farms coffee steam filling the surrounding air. It was the nice man in a Santa hat at home depot tonight, who gave Abby a red balloon. Its anticipation and anxiousness to know whats in those big boxes with my name on it sitting so nicely under our tree..but even more so to see Abby find out whats in hers. (I almost cracked and let her open one tonight, but I didn't) Its the holiday movies that are playing on every channel. Its the hustle and bustle of rushing around and getting last minute gifts. It all feels so Christmasy..and I'm loving every last bit of it.

Jake was in the Christmas spirit this afternoon. He decided he had been a good boy this year and that he deserved a great big present for his self. He left here around noon in his 2007 Chevy Colorado..and come home in this:

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A new GMC2500. I am happy for him. He has been wanting a new truck for s0 long. We loved his little brand new Chevy back when we were eighteen..but we had just simply outgrown it. It was only a single cab, meaning the three of us could not travel together in it. Which left my little old hunk of junk as the family vehicle. I am so glad that will no longer be the case. My trunk is broken, so everything that should be in a trunk (Abby's stroller, etc) is in my backseat on the passenger side. Behind me, is Abby's huge car seat. Its only a two door, so not only so I have to climb through all that stuff to get Abby strapped in, but Jake and I are hugging the dash board every time we all ride together. Such a relief that we have something bigger and nicer to ride around as a family in!

We were excited, so as most people who just bought a brand new car/truck do..we took a ride! We went to home depot to get copies of his new key made (and a new house key for me since I lost mine, oops) and we tried to stop by my Mom's to show her the new vehicle but she wasn't home. We also attempted to hit up Marshall's for some cheap picture frames but it was packed and Abby was having a meltdown in the backseat, so we decided to get Pizza Hut carry out and head back home.

Home. Is it just me..or is home so much more enjoyable to be in when its Christmas time?

Some friends stopped by to see Abby before Christmas and give her some early presents! Let the fun begin:

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Have I ever mentioned that we picked the best God Daddy ever for Abby? Thats him, in the red shirt. Chance and Jake have been best friends since middle school, and not only has he been a great friend to us both..but he loves our baby ♥

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Chance and Sam's gifts consisted of a new book, a new night light fish tank, and a princess ball pit!

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We let Abby stay up way past bed time, playing with Uncle Chance and enjoying her new toys. Eventually the eye rubbing started and she became a bit snuggly, so we warmed her baba and laid her down..she was out like a light.

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today was the first time we ever gave her a pillow. i'm still kind of nervous about it but..she loves it.

Now is where I ask for your prayers. Prayers because I have to finish 75% of my Christmas shopping tomorrow morning, on Christmas eve. Still somehow being able to make it to my Uncle's for dinner at 1pm. Yes, I am crazy. Which is why I need your prayers. Please and thank you.

Off to catch up on some much needed sleep. Goodnight, and happy early Christmas :)

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