Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rainy and busy Sunday

It is currently 1:09am. I have to get up for work in 4 hours, and I am still awake. Story of my life..

I just slipped into my jammies, fresh out of a warm bubble bath and felt the sudden urge to post before I crawled into bed.

So, here I am.

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Tree is up and finished being decorated. I am so very proud of our not so little tree. Our very first. I absolutely love it. It looks MUCH better in person than it does in that picture, Christmas tree photos aren't the easiest thing to capture with a lame Kodak easy share :(

It was raining when we went to pick our tree up last night, and it continued through out the day today. I splashed through puddles in my heels and my perfectly straightened hair for Christmas portraits was destroyed by giant rain drops. I really do love the rain in the summer, but this time of year? Not so much.

We ran to the car in it early this afternoon, Abby bouncing on Jake's hip and me running with her blanket over my head. We were headed to Jake's nephews baptism, hunter and Cameron. Jake was blessed enough to be the godfather of the new little guy :D Abby and I sat together in a pew a few rows back, while Uncle Ryan and her cousin Connor kept her entertained and quite through the service, with a little ipod that played Dora the Explorer.

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Jake and his sister Stacey, with Cameron - his godson/nephew

Afterwards we gathered at Jen's for lunch. We all stuffed our faces in the kitchen while laughing and catching up, and Jake wrestled his three older nephews in the next room. Same ole, same ole. Never gets old though.

After we were all full and ready for a nap - we sprinted to my car again, dodging rain drops and in hopes of making it home for a nap. Abby and Jake crawled in bed together and fell asleep, and I ran to Target to grab some dress pants for Jake.

Nap time was over and we headed to Sears to get our Christmas photos done. As stressful as it was, getting a sleepy baby in a Christmas gown, getting Jake to actually wear dress clothes, me trying to protect my hair from the rain, Abby's car seat straps that are getting too tight..we made it there, on time and got a really good picture out of it all. I'll post it as soon as we receive it!

A busy Sunday it was. I am not complaining, but I am sleepy. I have three days of work ahead of me, and can't believe its almost 2am and I am still awake. Someone shoot me. Goodnight!

...just had to come back and add. My new song? Your beautiful - James Blunt. SO amazing. Not only is it just a beautiful song in general, but it has so much meaning to me. It tells a story of something that I know all too well. I usually only listen to it once in a blue moon, because I never want to loose the effect it has on me. But, I gave in. I can't stop listening again...

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