Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kidney Infections & Lazy Days

Well, I ended up in the emergency room last night, what fun! I got diagnosed with a UTI at Right Time Medical Care Monday night, and was told if I spiked a fever within 24 hours than to be seen again. Despite the anti biotic's they prescribed me, I started feeling like crap again at work last night. My co-worked checked my temp, and it was 102! It was already 8pm, and me being the worry wart that I am was convinced that my UTI had gotten into my kidneys and into my blood stream and that I was going to go into septic shock and die. I decided this could NOT wait until morning and that I must leave work and get to the ER as soon as possible. I called my mom in complete sobs on my way there. I felt like I was 10 years old. Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't have even been driving. I was having severe pain in my back, causing me to arch back the whole drive, I could barely talk I was crying so hard, I had a blazing fever, and I had been dizzy for about three hours. Ha, good thing I survived.

Anyways..I arrived at the hospital and still had a temp and a high heart rate (probably because I had pretty much just had a panic attack in the car) they sent me right back to get blood work and another urine test. Turns out, it actually had been a kidney infection and not a urinary tract. I needed a couple courses of IV anti biotic's and then was able to go back to by mouth medications and got to go home around midnight.

My wonderful Aunt Sandy came and stayed with me the whole time! Apparently my mom was a little worried after talking to me & called her to see if she'd come up and check things out. Thank goodness for her, not only did she make me feel better..but she kept me company & I can't even remember the last time her and I had more than 30 minutes to ourselves to talk. How is 4 hours alone in the emergency room together for catching up, Aunt San!?

Per doctor's orders - I stayed home from work today. Supposedly, I need "a day to relax and let the medicine work". Whatever, I've felt great ever since they gave me the IV medication! However, I'm not going to complain about having an extra day this week to sit home & relax with my little one.

Not only did we relax, we were total bums! She slept in until about 10am and woke up, I gave her a bath because she peed up to her neck (literally) and then we had breakfast. She brought me a bottle shortly after with blankie in hand. Well, its worth a shot I thought. I changed her sheets & laid her down nice and fresh with a warm ba. I laid down in bed, figuring she'd drink the bottle and want to hop back up. 3 hours later..I shot up & rolled over to check the time, 1pm! That little girl had went back to sleep until noon. I was scared at first and rushed into her room thinking that I'd fallen asleep and she'd choked to death on something..but nope! She was sitting up all bright eye'd and bushy tailed, obviously just woken up as well. Needless to say, it was AMAZING to be able to basically sleep in until afternoon time. I literally can not tell you the last time that had happened!

We both rolled into the kitchen & opened the blinds to find that there was about an inch of rain on the ground. No wonder we were so sleepy! I was pretty alarmed when I herd a bang at my door next, and even more so when I looked through our peep hole and found that it had been covered! (still forgot to check why that was) I yelled "Who is it!?" and out comes a familiar voice "Britt!? It's up!!!" Apparently word had gotten through the family pretty quickly about my hospital stay last night, and Meme being the Grandmother that she is just had to come check on me to make sure I was alive and well, soup in hand. I opened the door and she rushed in, hood up and covered in rain. "Brittany! I was just here! I was knocking for 15 minutes!!" She had come while we were napping, I guess. She went on to say "Oh I was just so worried! I was sitting in my car and was convinced that you had been passed out from being sick and that Abby was alone and screaming! I was this close to going to the neighbors and making them call 911 so that they could come in and see what was going on!" If you knew my Grandmother, this is OH so typical. I laughed and gave her a hug. Abby waddled over all "Meme? Meme? Meme!?" and she was soon calmed down. She stayed and had lunch with us, and visited with Jake for a little while when he got home from work. We enjoyed having her!

We continued the laziness through out the day. We lounged around the house in our sweat pants and Jake took a nap on the couch while Abby and I played and read books. I swear, anytime I leave this kid to go do something else..and come to check on her, she is on her knees in her room paging through a book. She is the only baby I have ever met that doesn't want to tear them apart. She is gentle and has never ruined a one. Maybe she will be an author!? Or just a book work like her mama.

I attempted to make peanut butter cookies tonight. A recipe that I could perfect at 14, but not 20 apparently. They had no taste to them. They tasted like nothing. I can't figure out what I did wrong or what was missing? Oh well. My first batch of cookies of this season, scraped into the trashcan. First of many, I'm sure!

Bedtime for Abby rolled around and Jake and I curled up on the couch and watched our first holiday film this year - How the Grinch stole Christmas! One of my favorites, for sure.

& With that said, I almost forgot! I put out our Christmas decorations today!! The few that we have, that is. I'd say it looks pretty good for my first year of collections! Jake says we can get our tree next week. SO exciting. Pictures to come very soon, my memory card is currently at Jackie's house.

More Christmas fun, you ask? Abby learned how to say Santa! Only she calls him, Ho-ho :D When Meme stopped by today she brought along "The Night Before Christmas" for Abby. She always used to read it to me as a little girl, it was our favorite book to read together. It was fun to be able to read it to Abby and teach her about Santa Claus! Exciting.

Okay well I am finally headed off to bed. Jake's birthday is tomorrow. Lots of festivities to come.

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