Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy to be Home

Little reminders that Christmas is right around the corner keep popping up around our apartment.

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We got everything to decorate our tree with today, and plan on getting the actual tree this weekend. So exciting!

Today was another day spent around the house for the most part. Due to the blistering, freezing cold wind that just doesn't seem to want to let up on us. We literally hear it whistle all day/night long. Its crazy!

This morning Abby and I spent loads of time listening to music and dancing. However, trying to catch her do it on video was quite challenging. For now, this was the best I could get!

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Isn't she sooooo cute! I don't ever want her to get any bigger than this! She is so much fun. And cute. And funny. And perfect!

Jake came home from work a couple hours early today to get his windshield replaced. We loved having him home for the afternoon!

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We took a quick trip to Big Lots to stock up on some more Christmas decor, but other than that.. We haven't been up to much today. I cleaned Abby's room and the bathroom, which both really needed it. We listened to Christmas music and ate Subway. It was one of those "happy to be at home" days.

For dinner, I made Abby these cheddar mashed potatoes tortillas that some how made their way into my freezer (I'm guessing my Grandma left them the over day while she was here) and she loved them. But, for some reason was being a total turd about eating. Finally, I gave in and handed her the fork. My baby stuck her OWN food and put it in her mouth. Not only once, but the whole rest of the meal! With a grown up fork and all. She was SO proud of herself. Check her out!

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