Monday, December 20, 2010

Couch potatoes and Lights on the bay

I'm not too sure what it is about the Christmas season that makes us so lazy and couch potatoes - but it does.

We started our day early this morning. We kept the curtains shut, and we brought our pillows and blankets out to the couch. The coffee pot hummed, the Christmas tree was lit, and my sweet baby girl was all sprawled out across my lap..sucking her pacie and in a "Sunny side up show" trance.

Breakfast was a challenge, as lunch and dinner were as well. I'm not sure what is is about this cold she has, but its taken her appetite away completely. I got her to eat a bite of a waffle and a spoon full of maple oatmeal before she was screeching and squirming to get down. I called her ped, but he seems to think its just a cold..and to continue to run the humidifier and suction her nose. All fingers crossed for a better feeling baby soon, please!

Regardless of her sickness and empty belly..she found great fun out of some random house items after our attempted breakfast. A bowl, a book, confetti, and a pan lid. Oh, to be so easily entertained!

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We crawled back into bed together after only being up a couple of hours. I cranked up the humidifier, heated up a baba, and grabbed her blankies. We snuggled up in my bed and when she just looked like she was about to pass out..I gently picked her up and carried her into her own little crib. Her hand quickly went over her eyes and she sucked her little bottle and fell right to sleep.

Me? I was finally going to watch the movie I've been dying to see. I popped in the DVD in our room and threw myself under the covers...and lasted about 5 minutes. I passed out and we slept until noon. My poor sick girl. But I have to say, I'm not complaining about all this extra sleep we've been getting!

Later on after seeing that she obviously was feeling better..and me getting a little bit of cabin fever decided I finally wanted to get out of the house. I didn't want to go any place too dramatic, with Abby being sick and all. I was stumped for quite a while..but then, it came to me. Lights on the bay.

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Its a drive through light show on the eastern shore. Perfect I thought. Its getting out of the house, its fun..but its also warm and cozy for a stuffy nosed little girl!

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She loved it. We pulled her out of her car seat and let her ride in the front seat with Daddy. 99% of the time she was more interested in the moon than the light show..but that was okay. She was adorable :D As she always is of course..

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We came home afterwards and snuggled and played until bedtime.

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And this is random. But when ever I change her diaper now she says "Ewwy, ewwy, ewwy, ewwy, ewwy, YUCK!" and it is hilarious.

& One more random thought...sometimes I feel like a bad mommy. I know I'm not, but sometimes I feel like it. Like today when she wouldn't eat her breakfast, lunch, or dinner and I got irritated with her. Or when she didn't want to take a nap earlier but I knew she needed it, so I let her fuss in her crib for awhile until she gave in. I know its "normal" and we all do it. But at the end of the day..when I know I have to go to work in the morning..and she's sleeping..

It makes me sad. Because tomorrow? She's going to be bigger. And I wasted precious moments being frustrated with a sweet baby who doesn't know any better..or understand why I'm aggravated for that matter.

I think I might have to go scoop her up for some late night lovins.

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Happy Monday.

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